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Sick Visits

  • Peds First Pediatrics is available 7 days a week to provide care for when your child is ill.
  • We limit booking for acute illnesses such as fever, ear pain, sore throat to the day you call for the appointment.
  • We request that you call as early in the day as you recognize that you wish to have your child evaluated.

Our Booking Policy

During weekdays, we will ensure that all patients who have called by early afternoon will be seen on the same day for a sick visit.  While we will attempt to accommodate those that call later, we do implement a “last call” time (approximately one hour prior to office closing time).  This is done because we are not open all night and we need to establish a means of being able to close each day.  At the same time, the office remains open beyond posted hours to make sure all those with acute illness are seen that day if they call prior to “last call” time.