Dear Allied Families,

We are all struggling with the new normal and hope you and your families are safe.

Your Allied offices are open for your children.  Our offices are creating safe ways to see patients for the important well visit and vaccines that your children need.  We need to remember vaccines are necessary, so we don’t eventually see a return of illnesses, which we can prevent.

Your pediatricians are available for needed sick visits.  We ask that you call your pediatricians office first.  The staff is taking precautions to separate well and sick patients by either appointment times and/or space.  We ask that you limit the number of people coming into the office with the patient.  We are cleaning and sanitizing often. We are grateful that Allied Physicians Group has the resources and access to needed supplies that keep your children and our staff safe.

Telehealth visits are a great way to access your pediatrician right now and are covered by most insurances. We can see you virtually for sick visits or to discuss anxiety and concerns about COVID19, or to make sure you are ready for allergy season. Call your regular office for daytime telehealth.  Our after-hours telehealth has expanded to 7 days a week, 6:30-10:30PM and can be accessed directly from the Anytime Pediatrics app, or by calling 833-269-2444.  Allied telehealth is better than those offered by urgent cares or insurance companies because Allied telehealth connects you with a board-certified pediatrician who has your child’s medical chart and history.  Also, tell your friends that due to the COVID19 crisis, Allied is offering our telehealth to non-Allied families as well. Non-Allied families should download the Anytime Pediatrics app or call 833-269-2444, enter practice code 2444, to be connected with an Allied pediatrician near them!  Visit our website for more information.

We are posting frequent updates on your pediatric offices’ Facebook page.  Please check it often.  We plan to post suggestions for keeping your children entertained, safe ways to combat everyone’s stress, and more!  We are open to any suggestions our families can share with everyone.  We need to work together.

What’s new information concerning COVID19? Persons with a COVID19 like illness, not requiring hospitalization, should stay home and self-isolate.  It is not recommended that those with mild COVID19 like illness be tested at this time.

What else can you do? If you have a business that uses mask or gloves, that is closed due to government orders, consider donating them.  If you drop these items at one of our offices, we will make sure to get them to the healthcare workers that need them most.  Check on your elderly neighbors, offer to go food shopping or pick up needed medications.  Get outside if you can.

We will get through this, together!