About Peds First Pediatrics


Peds First Pediatrics was founded by Dr. Jason Halegoua in September of 2009. Dr. Jennifer Nastasi joined the practice as his partner beginning in January of 2010. Both doctors had previously worked for six years at a large multi-site group practice in Suffolk County, and while rewarding in many ways, they felt a key element was missing from their experience. Their goal in establishing Peds First Pediatrics was to create a setting that provides improved doctor-patient continuity; a setting that permits the doctors to get to know their patients and families on a more personal level. Peds First Pediatrics achieves this goal, enabling them to practice pediatric medicine at a single location with a warm and welcoming environment.
The Peds First Pediatrics office space itself is new and family friendly. It is equipped with state of the art technologies for hearing and vision assessments, laboratory testing, and asthma evaluations. The charting system is paperless as we employ Electronic Medical Records to both enable us to provide improved tracking of medical issues and provide parents with conveniences not possible with paper charts. Our staff is experienced, friendly, and always focused on serving the families we care for.

Mission Statement

Peds First Pediatrics will provide the highest quality of health care for your children while maintaining premier customer service. As a team, our emphasis is on educating the community in maintaining healthy lifestyles. This is a superior way to manage a child’s health rather than treating disease once it occurs. When prevention fails though, rest assured that our doctors and staff will continue to educate themselves to remain current with the latest information science has to offer and will utilize new technologies when available.
Peds First Pediatrics is also focused on providing the best experience for our patients and families. Our facilities will be kept clean and safe. Our staff will be presentable, understanding, polite, and accommodating. We will integrate internet based technologies to facilitate your ability to:
  • Find information about various topics that pertain to your child
  • Obtain certified copies of documents such as vaccine records
  • Request appointments, referrals, and medicine refills
  • Interact with members of our staff regarding non-emergent matters
  • Take care of required paperwork at times more convenient to you
Peds First Pediatrics will always be open to your suggestions and will address issues you have encountered in order to help us make Peds First Pediatrics as user friendly as possible. We are here to serve you!